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Noctura 400 sleep mask for Diabetic retinopathy


The Noctura 400 sleep mask is a very exciting development in the treatment of Diabetic eye disease. It is produced by a high tech company in Sedgefield, which most of our Optometrists have visited and been round the clean room manufacturing facility.


The company's own dedicated Noctura website explains a lot about the mask.


The masks are supplied at an appointment during which it is personally programmed for your usual sleep pattern. Your retinas are photographed at each appointment and your standard of vision measured. The mask needs to be replaced every 3 months, at which time the wear pattern information is downloaded and your retinas re-photographed, as well as having the vision re-assessed. We hope that this will show continuous improvement. The masks are only supplied privately (not by the NHS).


Please contact our Stockton Practice by phone or use the contact us form for further information.

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